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K&H Manufacturing Self-Warming Crate Pad Tan 37-Inch by 54-Inch

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Manufacturer K&H Manufacturing
Brand K&H Manufacturing
Color Tan
Model 7950
SKU KH-7950
UPC 655199079506
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7 Jul 2017

Iguana Supplies - Some Accessories You Should Include In Iguana Habitats

There are a few things that an iguana habitat must provide in order for you iguana to survive: controlled temperature and humidity, proper lights for heat and UV rays, and of course enough space for your iguana to be comfortable.

10 Jul 2017

Ways to Take Care Of A Turtle - Significant Points

Box turtles range within the wild all through the United States and Britain, and make delightful pets. They do having said that, require proper care if they're to remain healthy and free of charge from infections.

14 Jul 2017

How to Care for Pet Snakes

Pet snakes need housing appropriate to their size so that they have the room they need to move around with ease. The temperature also has to be kept consistent with that of the natural habitat of the snake, which is between 25 and 30.

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